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About Me

“I’m a contemporary artist, passionate about illustrations. Pen and Ink is my go-to buddy for creation.”

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Back in 2017 when I began my creative journey I felt as though I was destined to do more with my passion for drawing. So I took a leap into the world of exhibiting my artwork in London galleries and found a new way to share my messages with the wider world.

“We are destined to be the best we can be, and the best I can be…. is Be Creative”

Passionate about illustration designs, art has always been a creative outlet for me. My inspiration in the last few years has been derived from my travels and natural surroundings. My life learned lessons are tucked between the fine ink work in my pieces.

“There’s nothing better than opening up my sketchbook and letting the pen write the story”

My artwork is often described as “complex and enormously detailed” by fans, but I typically refer to my style as “Simplex” art (simple concepts but combined with complexity in the execution”).  

Pen and ink is my go-to-buddy for creation. The use of diverse pen mediums, levels of details, drawing styles and ranges of depth support my focuses. I like to create pieces filled with movement and vibrant colours to reach out to the viewer and to emphasise the importance for self care and mindfulness.

I hope my art will bring happiness or be an aid to healthy living through mindfulness. 

– a daily douse of inspiration for my fellow adventure seekers, nature lovers and soul searchers.

To keep up to date with latest and greatest art pieces follow Juskiran Sond Art @ instagram.com/juskiransond 

Let’s Work Together!

Don’t get put off with my tight day-to-day schedule! I love working with other people and discussing new ideas or working on side projects.

If you have any ideas or you are a fellow artist/designer looking for a collaboration then feel free to contact me.

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